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Welcome to ButtKickers INC.


Presenting Starlett's Thorns! ... a new comic series co-starring/featuring ButtKickersINC :

Mystic Starlett, Aug 18, 13 3:19 PM.
Guess what...
Starlett's back & she's pissed off because Poison Ivy somehow got her access downgraded to Premium instead of Legendary... So she's got plenty of ass to kick & not alot of time to waste doing so... 

ButtKickersINC is Recruiting!

Mystic Starlett, Jul 4, 13 2:12 PM.

Simply send an in-game email to any ButtKickersINC members or officers, or comment below 
with the following information:
Character Name: 

Main Role: (DPS-Tank-Healer-Troller)
SP: (skill points) 
PVP CR: (player vs player combat rating)
PVE CR: (player vs environment combat rating)
Prior Leagues:
Looking For / Bringing to League:
*Most applicants are reviewed by League Officers,
we recruit 10-20 new members monthly
and we recruit PLAYERS OF ALL LEVELS

How I feel when I see a swarm of villains...

Mystic Starlett, Jun 25, 13 3:15 PM.

...with or without backup...

Next DLC Pack, Origin Crisis!

MysticRedStone, Jun 25, 13 3:44 AM.
The launch of Origin Crisis as been confirmed for May 14, 2013! :

Origin Crisis is DC Universe Online's 7th DLC Pack, featuring the new Quantum power set which gives players the ability to manipulate Time and Space, new Iconic-inspired gear and rewards, and deep, challenging Raid and Group content that will push Heroes and Villains to their limits.

Travel to alternate versions of iconic Gotham City and Metropolis to see what might have been. Set yourself and your friends against the combined minds and councils of alternate reality Batmen and Lex Luthors. Uncover the cost and dangers of manipulating time as a new threat emerges. Steady your resolve and get ready, because Origin Crisis is almost here.

Time-Bending Operations and Iconic Anomalies!
Two new 4-person Operations will take Heroes and Villains into alternate versions of Gotham City and Metropolis, where key changes to the origins each city's most powerful heroes have been changed. It will be up to you to make things right (or wrong)! Luthor and Batman are also running simulations to test what effect a change in time might have on the present. Explore key moments in the origins of Huntress and Bizarro in Iconic Anomalies.

New Raids, Incredible Challenge!
The Raids in Origin Crisis reward a new currency, Marks of Reality, and, look, you're going to have to earn them the hard way. The Nexus of Reality and Paradox Wave Raids are intended to be the most challenging content in the game, and perhaps the most difficult you've ever faced. They will test your limits and inspire you to rise to the challenge.

Members Preview!

Now that you're all caught up, how excited are you for Origin Crisis? Remember, if you're dreading waiting this next week for the war to begin, players with a Legendary Membership will be able to access Origin Crisis early with a Members Preview starting May 8, 2013!

ButtKicker Registration

Mystic Starlett, Jun 21, 13 11:02 PM.
Attention Members & Recruits, the Registration Deadline is approaching,
to Register your characters: insert your info Here on FaceBook:

or Here on GuildPortal:
click profile/characters/stats/skills/edit
Once you've completed this, you'll be listed in our league roster
New Recruits have a 1-week Grace Period to submit their information

Villain Disturbance Quelled @ Diamond District: Victory Party

Mystic Starlett, Jun 5, 13 9:57 AM.

Some Members of the Villain League: "BeatYourFace" were pestering civilians & heroes on Diamond District Boulevard, until some Buttkickers & other Hero League members came & quelled the disturbance

Justice Served!

Mystic Starlett, Jun 5, 13 9:51 AM.
A few League Officers; designated- "Messengers Of Death," Hunting Down Some Of our League's MOST WANTED Villains that are Notorious for Ganking Lowbies & Pestering Fellow League Members

ButtKicker Renown in DCUO

Mystic Starlett, Jun 3, 13 8:07 PM.

How to Improve your Butt-Kicking

Mystic Starlett, Jun 2, 13 5:47 PM.
Wanna know how to become a better ButtKicker?
Check out our Various Tips & Guides in FORUMS

Saturday PvP Night

Mystic Starlett, Jun 1, 13 3:43 PM.
Every Saturday Evening & All Night! 
Meet on PvP server near PvP vendors in WatchTower 
check League Chat for more details In-Game

Friday PvE Raid night

Mystic Starlett, May 31, 13 7:59 PM.
That's right BUTTKICKERS! 
Just LOGIN & MEET IN WAR ROOM on the PvE Server 
& we will Burn Down some Raids for all level Recruits
We'll be running Raids til server resets, any of our ButtKickerINC council members should be willing to assist in Raids

Villain Safe Houses Metropolis

Mystic Starlett, May 30, 13 4:41 PM.
We recommend starting coordinated Raiding parties before striking these locations, 
use this information at your own discretion. 
Be honorable when villain-hunting, Target villains that are the same level as you, unless of course we are busting up Villain Raids or partaking in PvP wars.

Villain Safe Houses Gotham

Mystic Starlett, May 30, 13 4:40 PM.
We recommend starting coordinated Raiding parties before striking these locations,
use this information at your own discretion.
Be honorable when villain-hunting, Target villains that are the same level as you, unless of course we are busting up Villain Raids or partaking in PvP wars.

New Topics in FORUM to enhance your ButtKicking Skills! Weapons/Fighting Styles, PvE & PvP CR Guides

Mystic Starlett, May 30, 13 12:55 AM.

ButtKickers Doing what we do... Busting up a Villain Raid near Little Bohemia PD.

Some Villain Leagues target hunt down anyone with <ButtKickersINC> under their name,
regardless of their current level.... don't be surprised when you're in open-world PvP & a Villain Obliterates you outta nowhere...
If that happens, Report VILLAIN Names in League Chat, ButtkickersINC will heed the cries of the fallen & avenge them, whether they are a League Member or not.

ButtKickers INC. Going Live!

Ryton, Nov 24, 12 7:56 PM.
    ButtKickers INC. Just got real. We now have our league site up and  running. The site will be an ongoing project at the moment until I can get everything in place but feel free to converse check out the calender make a profile and have some fun. I will try and add features to the site as fast as i can for everyone. 

Next DLC Pack, Home Turf!

Ryton, Nov 24, 12 7:51 PM.


Anyone who has had any contact with me about DC Universe Online knows that I love to hint about what’s coming next. I try and drop hints, or make clever references that get people stewing about what might be around the corner. That is why it has been excruciatingly hard to keep my mouth shut about our next DLC pack. Now the time has finally come when the team is ready to reveal what we have been working on for so many months. So let’s get right to it…

The next DLC is called Home Turf, and it introduces player housing to DC Universe Online! Now that the bat’s out of the cave – or should I say in the cave? – let me go over some of the main features coming in Home Turf

Player Lairs

The Lair will offer several exciting things for players. The first is a theme. Themes give the lair a sense of location – like a sewer or a penthouse – and anchor it to a persistent entrance in Gotham City or Metropolis. Lairs will be fully customizable spaces. You can collect props while playing and then use them to decorate your Lair. These items will be tradable, creating a secondary market for players. In the coming weeks we will reveal more information about Lair customization, themes, and props.

Mainframe and Generator

Every Lair has a Mainframe that can be upgraded by the player. Mainframe upgrades give you access to incredible Lair Features – like allies and technologies – which can be used in combat throughout the game. The Mainframe abilities offer a whole new array of tactics. Players will gain passive abilities and active powers that they can bring to bear in battle. But don’t worry; these abilities are handled through communication devices (trinkets), so they won’t compete with your normal super power load outs.

Generators are the power that keeps a Lair running. By powering your generator you can set up amenities normally only found in HQs and Safe Houses. Once you haveHome Turf, it will be up to you which amenities and how many you want to maintain in your Lair, but the options are at your fingertips. The team will be sharing more news on Mainframes and Generators in the days ahead so stay tuned for more specifics.

Lair Battles

This is where Home Turf sets itself apart from normal housing systems. Players will be able to do battle in each other’s Liars. Lair Duels will match players up to fight. These battles will be round-based and feel like an extended one on-one-battle inside one of the combatant’s Lairs. Nothing is more fun than trashing someone else’s Lair to bits. But don’t worry about protecting your priceless stuffed Wooly Mammoth, the damage is temporary and will reset once the battle is over. You’ll really need to see Lair Battles in action to fully understand how cool this is going to be, so we’ll have some exciting Dev Videos in the weeks ahead.

New Missions

Home Turf introduces some new adventures in some of the most iconic locations in the game. New missions and content have been created for the interiors and exteriors of Ace Chemicals, Stryker’s Island, Steelworks, and Arkham Asylum. There will be daily missions for high end players at each of these locations. The content – inside and out – will be solo in nature. We’ll fill you on more specifics in some features about Home Turf, so hang tight for more details about the new daily missions.

So that is a pretty high level breakdown of our next DLC pack, Home Turf.  We look forward to sharing more about what Home Turf has to offer. It is an exciting time to see this hugely requested feature finally coming to DCUO. We know you’re going to love it. We also know you will have lots of wish list features for the system, and we’re anxious to hear your thoughts, so jump on the Forums, Facebook, or Twitter and let us hear it. We look at Home Turf as a starting point, a foundation to build on, for some amazing Lair content, and we can’t wait to show you more. Until then, I’ll see you in game!

Jens Andersen

Creative Director, DC Universe Online

DLC #6 Home Turf

DLC #6 Home Turf

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